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Shelby let us join her on her rounds at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa yesterday. We started on the second floor waiting rooms for critical and intensive care patients. We met 4 different families yesterday, some had been at the hospital for 24 hours. Sometimes we have great conversations with the families, sometimes they pet […]

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Here’s Hannah, very pretty!             Wyatt watching over the everyone, doing a fine job!                   Linda and Bernie, in a quiet moment.                 Corie, so sweet!           We had a ball, […]

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AKC Title

Posted by: | December 9, 2012 | 2 Comments |

The letter came Thursday, the AKC has awarded Charlie, the world’s most handsome Cocker Spaniel, his Therapy Dog title! He earned it by visiting the Healdsburg Public Library at least 50 times. Charlie is a “Reading Buddy” and children practice their “out loud” reading and Charlie listens. If a child doesn’t read yet they can show Charlie pictures […]

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What we’ve been up to

Posted by: | September 23, 2012 | 8 Comments |

We haven’t blogged lately ‘cause we’ve been really busy! Shelby has been awarded her Therapy Dog title by the AKC. In order to qualify, she needed to visit Memorial Hospital 50 times on behalf of Paws for Healing in Napa. It took us a bit over 2 years but we completed the 50 visits in […]

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Coming Home

Posted by: | December 12, 2011 | 6 Comments |

Many of you know we took the P.P. to Las Vegas last weekend to meet some new folks and pawty, after all, it is Las Vegas. We took in the “strip”, photo’s to follow, went down to the Pawn Shop that’s on TV and of course the Harley and the BMW motorcycle stores. We had a […]

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Happy Birthday to the P.P.

Posted by: | October 11, 2011 | 10 Comments |

Well…the P.P. is going to be 5 on October 15th. She has been in our life since April 4th, 2009 and we have packed a ton of wonderful “stuff” in that time. She has met hundreds of people and brought joy, smiles and a few tear filled memories to almost everyone of them. On her birthday […]

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Shelby, thank you…

Posted by: | June 26, 2011 | 10 Comments |

Today we accompanied the Petite Princess on her rounds at the Hospital. Shelby led us through our usual stops, admissions, the information desk, intensive and critical care waiting area’s, so we would be warmed up for a couple of people she would lead us to meet. We knocked on this gentleman’s door and asked if he would like a visit with a […]

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A simple 4 X 6 picture

Posted by: | February 6, 2011 | 6 Comments |

Charlie, the worlds most handsome Cocker Spaniel, and I were at his twice monthly gig at the Healdsburg Library yesterday morning chatting with the mother of one of Charlies regular readers. She thanked us for “giving up” our Saturday morning and I told her thank you for supporting the public library and for letting Charlie hang out with […]

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The power of “dog”

Posted by: | December 19, 2010 | 9 Comments |

Cindi and I escorted the Petite Princess to Memorial Hospital yesterday afternoon. We had one very special patiant to see before our visit would end. We always start our visits by seeing the ladies in the admissions offices. They told us the hospital was pretty full so there will a lot of folks that could […]

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Good friends

Posted by: | November 27, 2010 | 4 Comments |

I got to spend some time with 5 of my best friends yesterday. We haven’t been able to go to the last two Nor Cal Tripawd Parties and I have missed Cemil, Tani, Obie, Mary and Karen a whole bunch. So yesterday we hopped in the truck and the chauffeur drove me to Karen’s house in […]

under: Conversations with Shelby

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