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Shelby’s been gone for a little over a year

Posted by: | July 8, 2020 | 3 Comments |


Shelby left us a little over a year ago. It’s been a long 12 months. We miss her more than we thought we would. We were so busy going places and meeting people, sharing Shelby with folks and suddenly it’s gone. The last personal visit she made was going to work with Cindi, it was Cindi’s retirement day. She did the best she could, smiles all around, everybody was so happy to see her. She rode home with me, and Cindi followed us home in her car. Shelby always rode shotgun in the front seat. A Princess don’t ride in the back seat, ’nuff said.

She was tired when we got home, she put in a 6 hour day at Cindi’s work. I swooped her out of her seat and put her on the ground. She was slow going in the house so I swooped her up again and put her on her couch. When she tried to walk, her rear legs didn’t work. We made an appointment the next day to see the vet. She gave her a shot and said she should be OK, but she might throw up on the way home. She did. I called and left messages for the vet, she never called back.

The next morning Shelby couldn’t stand on her rear leg’s at all. It was Saturday morning, we called the vet and told them we were bringing her in. It was time for her to move on from her tired and broken body. They had a gazebo out front with chairs, cushions and boxes of Kleenex. Very peaceful.

We spent about 45 minutes waiting for the vet to come out. Shelby looked so, so tired. No smiles on her face, no Tripawd Twirls were done, no Farrah Fawcett tail in the wind. She was worn out and done with her broken down body, she was ready to go. She left so quietly, so peaceful laying on her purple towels. After all, purple is the color of royalty.

We spent half hour with her, then we walked to the truck. One of Shelby’s friends from the vet, Ann, came out and cried with us, hugged us and said she would take good care of her. She visits Shelby’s Blog and asked us, “Do you know how many people loved that little dog?” We said yes, we had a pretty good idea.

This year on the 3rd of July we went back to that gazebo. We sat quietly, tears streaming down our faces. We remembered the good times, man there was a ton of those! The sense of hollowness and loss was still was with us. The feeling of, “man, how do we get along without Shelby?” came up again. We went to Sequoia Burger, one her favorites, and had cheeseburgers and fries in her honor.

While we were visiting the gazebo last week, Cindi said, “You know Shelby held on until she knew I was retired, so she wouldn’t leave you without someone to take care of you.” Shelby was Heaven sent, an Angel among us.

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  1. By: benny55 on July 8, 2020 at 9:26 pm      

    Oh gosh, I was holding it together fairly well until I read Cindi telling you why Shelby held until she retired. That was soooo beautiful and soooo typical of Shelby❤

    She ALWAYS knew her job was to spread love and joy mand happi…and she did that perfectly.

    Everytime Shelby’s banner pops up on the site…..every singgle time….I get the biggest grin on my face and lots of warm fuzzies in my heart😊 Her happiness and beautiful light always came shing thru in every picture. She smiled and we smiled back.

    Shelby is mentioned periodically on the site when people ask about strollers, etc. Shelby and her wagon roll on here and continue to inspire😎

    I know your heart still aches and the void in your life seems like it can never be filled. And in some ways it can’t, but in many ways it IS filled with the knowing that SHELBY TOUCHED LIVES! Knowing that Shelby did indeed love a life of purpose and meaning. Her Legacy is solid here, and it’s solid with everyone who was in her presence.

    Yes, her wagging tail, her hapoy smile, her sparkling eyes and her loving energy will always be with is.❤

    I’m so glad uou shared this time with us. Yoi honored her ao well today, Yoj freed her from her fail earth clothes when she told you. She knew you loved her enough to send her back home surrounded by your love. Such a special relationship you had. Truly an unbreakable bond

    Surrounding you with love and Shelby’s eternal light

  2. By: hester on July 8, 2020 at 9:41 pm      

    Just so beautifully written and with such love. You’ll never not miss such a wonderful girl, but memories can bring solace. She knew she was loved and she stayed as long as she could.


  3. By: jerry on July 9, 2020 at 3:45 pm      

    Jack and Cindi, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Wow. Thank you for sharing with us, it must have been very, very difficult to write about her last days. How we wish no dog had to leave their earth clothes, we wish they could last forever. Saying goodbye is so so tough.

    I still feel like she is with us. We talk about her all the time, I think of the P.P. and that floofy tail and that hoppy, hoppy smile. She was such a treasure, destined to be with great people like you so that she could touch the lives of so, so many people. And in many ways, she still is, because her blog will always be here to show people what is possible when a dog is given a chance to thrive on three.

    Sending lots of love to you and the pack on this bittersweet angelversary,

    Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray & Spirit Jerry

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