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  Shelby left us a little over a year ago. It’s been a long 12 months. We miss her more than we thought we would. We were so busy going places and meeting people, sharing Shelby with folks and suddenly it’s gone. The last personal visit she made was going to work with Cindi, it […]

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Thank you all for the kind thoughts about Shelby. They mean so much to us as we grieve. We are both Christians and believe that God sets up Divine Appointments, and meeting Shelby was a Divine Appointment. How else can we explain how Shelby found us, half a world away? People say that when you […]

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The Bridge

Posted by: | July 3, 2019 | 9 Comments |

This morning we helped Shelby cross the bridge. Her mind and body were just worn out. It’s going to be tough for a long time. We’ll miss her…tremendously. I’m know by now she’s found Penny and Charlie, and I know she’s found who and where the treats are kept along with the tennis balls. On […]

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Shelby’s sporting her original bandana, she’s so cute don’t matter what she wears. Rosy’ had so much fun she got a black eye! Dusty Dog keeping an eye out for anyone with treats. Karen and Elly hanging out. Catching up with everyone. Happy Hannah with mom and Ralph. Some of the Oaktown crew. Break time […]

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Earlier this month one of Shelby’s friends passed away. They met at Memorial Hospital at least seven years ago. Shelby really wagged her tail when she saw Patch coming. Patch loved Shelby and just gushed all over her. They truly enjoyed seeing each other. Their visits were never very long because Patch was always going a hundred miles […]

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Hi, it was a nice, cool afternoon, so us TRIPAWDS hung out in the front yard with the Pawrents and Emmy Lou, a quad paw, who as a rule doesn’t hang out on the front lawn, was inside. She usually hangs out inside by the front door. ! We didn’t see Emmy so mom walked into the house and BUSTED Sweet, […]

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The recent wild fires in Northern California have burned thousands of acres, homes and businesses in the city of Santa Rosa and Sonoma, Lake and Napa counties. The Sonoma County Fairgrounds have been converted to a self contained community of 3500 first responders from CA., NV., OR., WA., SD., CO., MT., FL., NV., AZ. and […]

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I knew it was going to be a really warm week, 7 days of temps over 100 degrees, time to turn on the lawn sprinklers. I always do the front yard first, fewer sprinklers and usually they don’t need much more then fine tuning. When Penny was here, it was her job to supervise me, […]

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wa We had a great time! Wonderful to meet new friends and see our old friends again. Hope you enjoy the photo’s! The chauffeur

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Well, well, well, I just celebrated my 8 year adoptaversary!!! On April 4th, 2009, I rescued a family from Santa Rosa. They came looking for a dog and left with me, The Petite Princess. They had no idea how much their life was about to change. At first they were like deer in the headlights, […]

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